Vonk Cheese

All about Quality

Vonk Cheese focuses on collaborating with partners who prioritize quality and excellence in their products. Our partners consistently meet the highest industry standards – such as IFS and BRC – and respect European legislation with the greatest care and commitment.

In 2021 we made the decision to obtain two certificates because – as Vonk Cheese (HQ) –
we handle both internal warehouse operations and trading activities. We obtained:

  • the IFS Logistics certificate to ensure the quality of our internal warehouse.
  • the IFS Broker certificate to maintain quality in our trading activities.

The same year we expanded our operations by launching a new ‘Food Service’ department on another site – our subsidiary, Vonk Culinary Cheese. In this department we take charge of producing our own grated cheese (IQF) and processed cheese. These products are supplied to catering wholesalers. Since our Food Service department has its own production site, we obtained an extra IFS Food certificate – to support our commitment to quality (throughout the entire chain).

Starting in 2023, both of our companies have implemented an automated self-regulating system. This system demonstrates our compliance with Belgian legislation regarding Good Manufacturing Processes within our Belgian operations. By implementing our own IFS quality system, we maintain continuous internal control and improvement of our processes.

This dedication allows us to optimize our operations and serve our customers in the best way possible. Though our focus extends beyond the legal requirements for our products. We obviously prioritize meeting the unique needs and expectations of our valued customers too.


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