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Well, hello again. Time to (in)formally introduce ourselves. We’re Vonk Cheese, a familiar face in the cheese industry. We’re known for our artisanal approach, premium quality products, and innovative flavors and ideas.

Our selection of products – from grated and shredded cheese to cheese slices, appetizers, and sauces – suits wholesale, food service, retail, and industrial needs. Originally, we were mainly a trading company, but here’s the twist: we also have our own production factory, which allows you to order right from the source. Curious? Read more about that here.

We also create our own dairy creations, with premium quality cheese sourced from the best European manufacturers. You can order existing or custom-made products, since we also offer private labeling for larger clients.

So, before we start this long-term partnership, maybe you should get to know us a bit better first? Our love for cheese goes way back. Four generations to be exact.

Our company's history


Founding of Vonk Cheese in Gouda (NL) by great-grandfather Dirk Vonk.
Later he slowly expands the business with his son Dirk M. Junior by trading Boeren Gouda and Edam cheese at cheese markets.


Grandson Henk Vonk continues to expand the company with his father and pursues international trade outside of Europe. The other two grandsons Dirk and Kees join the company a few years later.


Vonk Cheese becomes Vonk Cheese BV. They invest in a processed cheese company in Roermond Limburg and start to export to more than 80 countries worldwide.


One year prior, the company was sold to a multinational. And in 1993 Henk Vonk starts Vonk Dairy Products BV in Ittervoort (NL). This company specializes in drying and powdering of Italian cheeses and in the development of different types of hard Italian cheese.


Anthony Vonk founds Vonk Cheese BV in Zonhoven (BE), a trading company specialized in selling cheese and butter to industries such as bakeries, pizza and lasagna manufacturers and industrial grating companies.


Vonk Cheese creates a new ‘food Service’ department within that company. It focuses on dairy products like grated cheese and cheese slices for catering wholesalers.


The company also decides to start a brand-new production company in Zonhoven (BE). This means customers can buy straight from the source, cut costs, improve efficiency, and create shorter chains and long-lasting relationships.


Things are rolling smoothly, so Anthony founds a new production company VCC (Vonk Culinary Cheese) specialized in making mozzarella and cheddar slices and grated IQF cheese.


Vonk Cheese exports to over 56 countries. And counting.

Meet our team



Anthony Vonk


Stefan Reuten

Hasan Altin

Hasan Altin

Sales manager

Harmen Haringsma

Sales manager

Back office


Katrien Vos

Back Office / QA officer

Nathalie Van Meensel

Logistics officer/ Back office


Leonie Konings

Quality manager


Yannick Reuten

Logistics officer
Anneloes Zels

Anneloes Zels

Logistics officer

Furkan Apaydin

Logistics officer

Human Resources


Heidi Jans

HR Manager


Veerle Clauwers

Veerle Clauwers

Jan Vandeweyer 2

Jan Vandeweyer


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