Cream cheese

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It’s time for VC Cream Cheese. Our creamy and spreadable cheese has a great and mild taste, so it can be used in different industries. Whether you're in the culinary, sauce,
ice cream, bakery, or meat industry, our Cream Cheese adds a touch of silky smoothness to your creations.

VC Cream Cheese is simple yet refined. It’s made from only four natural ingredients and free from any additives. The result? A pure, easy-to-handle quality cheese that's versatile and delicious.

Our Cream Cheese is available in four sizes:

  • 300 g resealable cup

  • 3 kg bucket

  • 1.5 kg bucket

  • 1.8 kg block (vacuum-packed)

Each option is only available chilled and has a shelf life of nine months.

Good to know: thanks to its temperature resilience, our VC Cream cheese is also perfect for baking.

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