Cheese sauces

cheese sauce

Have you tried our VC Cheese Sauce yet? Our delicious and ready-made product is designed for your taste buds and your convenience. A light heating is all it takes to transform this sauce into the perfect topping for your dishes. Do you like it rich and savory? Then have a go at our creamy Cheddar sauce. Or do you prefer to spice things up with our Jalapeno Cheese sauce?

Use our VC Cheese Sauce as a:

  • savory dip sauce for nachos.

  • cheesy pasta sauce.

  • flavor bomb to top off hot dogs, burgers, French fries ,..

  • perfect match for Mexican dishes like quesadillas and burritos.

The VC Cheese Sauce can be used hot or cold. And is available in two tasty variations – the classic Cheddar sauce and the Jalapeno-infused version. Each sauce is packaged in convenient 3 kg or 1 kg buckets

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