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Discover ‘Quick Topping’, our diverse range of shredded, diced, and grated cheeses. They’re perfect for adding an extra touch of flavour to all sorts of dishes. From classic pizzas and hearty lasagnes to savory quiches and fresh salads.

What kind of cheeses do we offer? Well…
Mozzarella, Red Cheddar, White Cheddar, Gouda, Edam, Maasdam, Emmental,

In addition to the traditional favorites, we proudly provide cheese blends of different cheeses or premium cheese alternatives made from vegetable fat. These alternatives match the taste and functionality of regular cheeses while offering a slightly more budget-friendly option. And a unique, tailormade taste.

Each cheese that follows our factory process is sourced from Europe's best manufacturers and shredded with the utmost care and precision.

Good to know: our ‘Quick Topping’ shredded cheeses are IQF (Instant Quick Frozen).
Our unique production process makes sure these cheeses are formed by extrusion or shredded in a certain tailormade shape, then individually frozen and packed. The benefits?

  • A long shelf life of +12 months.

  • Ready and easy to use in frozen condition.

  • Less product waste and controlled portion serving.

  • Each package contains uniform cheese pieces.

  • Consistently fresh cheese with the same performance.

Plus, here's a little secret. Our IQF cheese forms don’t stick together. No need for anticaking agents, it’s 100% real cheese in its original form that doesn’t crumble – the wrong way. What kind of IQF cheese forms we offer? Diced or shredded cheese, string cheese, cheese sticks.

Because our shredded cheeses are IQF, their extended shelf life is 12 months instead of 3 months in regular chilled conditions. This means we can ship any product around the globe. Great, right?

So, explore all our VC shredded cheese possibilities and top off your culinary creations with our ‘Quick Topping ‘ cheese selection.

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