VC Cheese appetizers


Our tasty appetizers are the perfect match between excellent taste and convenience. Which makes this crispy finger food – 100% premium quality cheese with a crunchy crust – the ideal snack for parties and events.

Our range?

  • Mozzarella sticks

  • Chili cheese nuggets

  • Jalapeno’s green filled with cream cheese

  • Jalapeno’s red filled with creamy cheddar cheese

VC Cheese sauces


Ready to try our delicious and ready-made cheese sauces? A light heating is all it takes to transform this sauce into the perfect topping for your dishes. Available in two tasty variations – the classic Cheddar sauce and the Jalapeno-infused version.

Use our VC Cheese Sauces as a:

  • savory dip sauce for nachos.

  • cheesy pasta sauce

  • flavor bomb to top off hot dogs, burgers, French fries, ...

  • perfect match for Mexican dishes like quesadillas and burritos

Cheese slices


Discover ‘VCC’, our premium range of cheese slices. Here to add that little extra to your burgers, croque monsieurs or everyday sandwiches. They're thoughtfully designed for quick and effortless serving, thanks to their easy peel-off feature.

Available in: Cheddar, Swiss and Mozzarella

Cream Cheese


It’s time for VC Cream Cheese. Our creamy and spreadable cheese has a great, mild, and slightly salty taste, so it can be used in different industries. VC Cream Cheese is made from only four natural ingredients and free from any additives.
The result? A pure, easy-to-handle quality cheese that's versatile and delicious.

Thanks to its temperature resilience, our VC Cream cheese is also perfect for baking, without changing its natural colour of firmness.

Shredded cheese


Discover ‘Quick Topping’, our diverse range of shredded, diced, and grated cheeses. Perfect for adding an extra touch of flavour classic pizzas, hearty lasagnes, savory quiches or fresh salads.

What kind of cheeses do we offer?
Mozzarella, Red Cheddar, White Cheddar, Gouda, Edam, Maasdam, Emmental, …
cheese blends of different cheeses or premium cheese alternatives made from vegetable fat

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Vonk Cheese,
A familiar face in the industry

Hi there. We’re Vonk Cheese, a respected name in the cheese industry. Why?
We’re celebrated for our artisanal approach, impeccable quality, and innovative flavors.
Our range – from grated and shredded cheese to cheese slices, appetizers, and sauces – suits wholesale, food service, retail, and industrial needs. We offer both existing and custom dairy products at premium quality, including private labeling for larger clients.
Looking for tailored solutions? And a long-lasting partnership built on trust and innovation?

Our clients

Vonk Cheese always provides a great customer experience. Their shredded cheese adds an extra tasty sensation to our products. A big success with our customers.

Working with Vonk Cheese has been a game-changer for our business. Their willingness to collaborate and find tailored solutions is quite unique. Their IQF cheese forms have not only improved our operational efficiency but have also minimized our waste.

We’re fond of Vonk Cheese's private labeling option. It has boosted our brand identity and the quality of their products is consistently high. Their cheese sauces have taken our nachos to a whole new level!